Text Box: About KTK

KTK found its beginnings in the early 1980s, started by several alumni of a South City high school. Though the original members of KTK were students at the school during the mid-1970s, this is no longer the case. We are acquiring members who have seen and enjoyed KTK productions, or who just want to be part of quality community theater.


KTK has a continuing goal to perform theater for the love of theater with ensemble spirit. We would like to continue this pursuit in the south St. Louis area, tapping the resources of the area and the potential of our members.


KTK is one of the few registered non-profit amateur theater in the St. Louis area. We have members with over twenty years of experience in theater, music, dance and technical fields, as well as novices and newcomers in all fields. We welcome anyone who would like to participate in an upcoming production.


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Phone: 314-351-8984

Email: webmaster@KurtainKall.org


Southampton Church

4716 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO  63109